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Tucson Annual Report
January, 2017

In the last twelve months we have promoted many children’s literacy projects reaching a variety of communities in the State.
Among them are:

Manzo Elementary PACE Program
Two PACE classrooms receive books for their read at home program. Students are given a book to keep when they turn in a reading calendar at the end of each month. Starting in August the program went from 2 to  4 classrooms for a total of 64 children. We increased our donation accordingly.

Make Way For Books — Libraries Ltd. provided 100 high quality, age appropriate cloth and board books to create classroom book collections for 40 infants and toddlers.

Nogales Boys and Girls Club. This after school program serves children in Elementary through High School.  It has a small lending library. This summer a group of fourth graders was participating in the Black Stallion Project.  We donated 20 copies of the Black Stallion for each child to own and read.  We then put together a collection of fiction horse stories and non-fiction books about horses and their care.

Bisbee Boys and Girls Club—After reading a wish list in the local Bisbee paper, we bought many of the titles and donated them to their library.  Upon visiting them to give them the books, we were most impressed with their very inviting library.  We saw the need for some children’s magazines and added three to our list to give them.

Aviva Children’s Services— provides services to improve the quality of life for children who are victims of neglect, abuse, and poverty, and are in the care of the Department of Child Safety in Pima County. They provide resources for foster children that will enhance their self-esteem and well-being. We gave a variety of cloth and board books for parents to read to their children and some books for them to take home

Los Ninos del Valle Preschool in Green Valley
We donated 2 Big Book Storage units with a reading easel on the top.  These units store about 30-50 books each and are on wheels so they can be transported to different classrooms. In December we donated six sets of 3 books (Curious George, Madeline, and Corduroy) and a stuffed animal ( all purchased at Kohls) for their classrooms.

We will continue to sponsor our magazine subscriptions to 12 organizations serving children, including the Parent Connection, Las Familias, and Nogales Boys and Girls Club.

Mexicayotl Academy— a bi-lingual school, grades k-4 with 95 students. Libraries Ltd. provided story books, chapter books, non-fiction books, and bi-lingual books to help them begin a school library. We later made another donation of books in Spanish.

Reading Seed – a program in which coaches tutor children in several school districts to help the children of Pima county learn to read. Books are given to each child to take home as they learn to read.



Book Distribution at Bioscience High School

Phoenix Report for January 23, 2016 meeting Casa Grande

Our projects for the past year were focused in the Phoenix area as well as Pat Heck’s wonderful work at  St. Peter’s Indian Mission on the Gila Indian Reservation.  Her most recent book distribution on Jan. 22 included a special program put together with Club RIF. Their efforts reached 300 children at the Mission. This is Club RIF’s  26th year to purchase books for St. Peter’s Indian Mission School.

Cindy Trego worked with Avi’s House, a home for foster children, in Glendale.  She selected several books for each child for Christmas.  She also purchased books for their in-home library.

In  Phoenix we supported purchasing of books for Bioscience High School for their sophomore book club. Bioscience is a public high school where many of the students qualify for free lunch. The students chose the book club titles along with the help of their teacher to encourage more reading.   For the senior class we purchased copies of I am Malala. The teacher and class were examining the complex nature of global crisis. As she said, having an opportunity to read true first person accounts is extremely valuable, and the fact that Malala is a teenager makes her story more relevant to the students.  The students sent us wonderful thank you notes emphasizing how much it meant to have the book and how they were moved by the story. Other projects included purchases for Herrera Elementary, William L. Sullivan, and Solano Elementary School. The Washington High School freshman class was supplied with copies of Night.  We also gave funds to J.R.  Sutton School, Sun Canyon Elementary, and Cartwright, and the Rose Linda Elementary school’s after-school book club. We also bought books for school libraries in the Roosevelt School District.

We also funded Palo Verde Middle school in the Washington School District for the 7th grade Language Arts program.  One of the things the teacher told us she did each year is to read to her students the book The Skin I’m In by Sharon Flake.  She said it is a perfect story for teaching the elements of plot and showing how one can overcome being bullied.  She had only one copy.  Libraries Ltd. was able to provide a class set along with other titles including graphic novels she selected. The teacher’s follow-up email from reported that the students were thrilled. After one boy finished reading Oliver Twist in graphic novel form, he came back asking for more books.  “I handed him Great Expectations. Imagine a 7th grade boy skipping (yes skipping) out of a classroom clutching a Dickens book to his chest”.

Monica Goddard


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